XO Creperie



Price Range : $31-60 ($$$)

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Adress: 2027 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Phone: (718) 368-4477

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  • Jenny L.

    star star star star star 25 April 2021

    Came here based on a friend's recommendation. This restaurant really deserves more stars, I am so happy I gave it a try. The staff is very very attentive, I felt like I was being served in a 5 star restaurant! The presentation is wonderful!! Must try the bronzino, they did a wonderful job cooking it, crispy on the outside and the meat is very tender on the inside, hands down the best bronzino I've had compared to the ones from top rated Greek restaurants. The ahi tuna with noodles was served in a big custom made crunchy shell that looked like a hat. The salads were really good and big portions--duck salad is the best, so delicious!! On top of that, they had $5 cocktail specials on fridays--loved the lychee Mojito. Would definitely come back again!!

  • Elisa H.

    star star star star_border star_border 24 April 2021

    This nearly hidden spot has a nice overlook situated on the 2nd floor of this small mall. I wasn't sure where the front of the restaurant was because it was flanked by 2 mall entrances. Odd but might have made more sense when it came up some decades ago I'm guessing.

    They had a make-shift informal al fresco dining and i plopped down after entering and making sure they are in fact seating outside. A nice enough gentleman waited on me and I ordered an espresso with a savory snail portobello crepe with butter garlic sauce. He nodded his approval.

    The coffee was great- they steamed a teeny side of milk. The crepe came out huge and beautifully, replete with a hazelnut colored roux with specks of meat?

    The first taste was that of chocolate, truffle butter and earthy notes. Oh my this was delicious. And really rich. I was so pleased with such a huge portion of deliciousness yet at the same time a bit intimidated.

    As I dug into the baby soft crepes encasing rounds of Portos and snails chopped and whole entrenched in the brown heavenly sauce, I was really appreciating how amazing a crepe can be.

    Until I bit into sand in my snail. A bit grainy and crunchy, I swallowed it. It's bound to happen. But then it happened again. Another one and another. While I was halfway through the rich and delectable dish- I bit into a snail that did me in.

    It was as though the snail was filled with sand and then rolled in some more. I was so surprised that I bit deep into it to reveal a mouthful of sand. Immediately I spat out the whole thing followed by some more spitting and rinsing of the residue in my mouth.

    I could not Not say anything. He took the dish away quickly. I asked for another espresso and nothing else.

    He comped the dish. I was charged 2 espressos and tip. I tipped more on top.

    It really was an Excellent tasting dish sans the sand. I would come again and try other things. If I am so daring as to go for snail here again I would Reiterate 2-3 times to the staff to make sure they triple wash the escargot. But who'd want to be that guy?

  • Pcnick N.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 18 April 2021

    Worst and dirty foods. Nightmare! Service was bad and the oyster wasn't fresh at all. Nothing fresh here! drinks made unprofessionally as well. The staff didn't care at all, Shame!

  • Karina M.

    star star star star star 17 April 2021

    First of all, the nicest staff ever! I've been to this place over 20 times and this review is for every one of them!

    All the food is great! You can make your own crepe, whatever you like they will put in your crepe.

    Great selection of cocktails and wines.

    Amazing jasmine green tea.

    They have karaoke nights, music Friday-weekends, and great looking and yummy banquets.

    Deff try grilled octopus for an appetizer!

  • Kristi L.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 14 April 2021

    Firstly, I walked in, place was empty. I realized why when I was charged $14 for a double espresso. Way overpriced. Secondly, When my girlfriend asked for an iced coffee, the waiter brought her a hot coffee. Random waiters kept coming to our table with orders that weren't ours. Lastly, gratuity was already included in the bill. Poor, very poor management. I'd love to see their financials to see how they're even still in business.
    Would never recommend this spot to anyone.

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